Jason Bridges
Interim Executive Director
Kelly Bernatzky
Development Associate
Katharine Robinson Grieder
Finance and Information Administrator
Logan Gomes
Director of Advancement


Dr. Regina Jorgenson
Director of Astronomy
Gary Walker
Telescope Engineer
Georgia Stolle-McAllister
MMO Research Fellow


Kim Botelho
Director of Education
Molly Zegans
Education Coordinator

Mitchell House, Archives, and Special Collections

Jascin Leonardo Finger
Deputy Director & Curator of the Mitchell House, Archives, and Special Collections

Natural Science

Jack Dubinsky
Aquarium Director and Research Center Coordinator
Julia Blyth
Biological Collections Manager


Ginger Andrews
Field Ornithologist

Affiliated Staff

Vladimir Strelnitski, Ph.D.
Emeritus Director of Astronomy
Robert Kennedy, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow
Andrew Mckenna-Foster, M.S.
Adjunct Researcher
Val Hall, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Dr. Emily Goldstein Murphy
Research Associate

Andrew McCandless
Research Associate

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