What I Did On My Summer Internship

All of the interns at the Mitchell House has been very enthusiastic about learning the ropes of what happens in a historic house museum.  I want them to have the full experience and tell them at the beginning, they do everything I do except clean the bathroom.

From conservation and accessioning of artifacts to research projects in the depths of the archives to teaching children’s history classes.  They give tours to the public, help to host special events for both the Mitchell House and the MMA, develop small exhibits and special tours, work on other initiatives, and they get into some real serious cleaning projects among many other things.

Appropriate museum vacuuming is one such project – they all do it just as I do.  However, I seem to have found a kindred spirit in the vacuuming department this time.  While she has been working on a myriad of projects, including an in-depth research project on Mitchell family  portraits in the Mitchell House, Sabrina was practically grinning from ear-to-ear about vacuuming.  She LOVES it – probably because, in part with our HEPA museum vacuum that you wear on your back, she feels like a “ghostbuster.”  I have never had an intern that was so enthusiastic about this task.  I myself may not be vacuuming the Mitchell House until September – or else we may have to arm wrestle for who gets to vacuum!

Thank you, Sabrina!