Research Center Update

Lab sink area.

We can see more light at the end of the tunnel.  The HVAC is almost complete and the painters have been through both of the main floor rooms.  Cabinet faces have been painted and hung as well.  Basement walls are being painted and the new Delta Designs state-of-the-art collections storage cabinets are being drawn up as I write this.  The gas tank and lines have been installed.  The carpenter is moving back in to put up the walls around the furnace room and to build the accessible bathroom and basement interior entryway.  And, the cabinetmaker has completed installing all the supports for the countertops and the new microscope station.  Even grass has returned to the side yard thanks to our landscaper.

And it is also again time to thank all those who have been working with us on this project – and also patiently waiting for their role to begin or re-start!

Greg Maskell Landscaping                                      Matt Anderson, carpentry

Kevin Wiggin HVAC                                                 Jim Tyler and Crew, painting

Island Gas and Christian Yates                               Mickey Rowland, architect

Jim Badera and Badera Engineering                       Kevin O’Keefe, volunteering

Mike Freedman and Crew, cabinetmaker                Pen Austin, mason and paint coatings

Jon Vollans and Vollans Electric                               Marden Plumbing

Wayne Morris, Mason                                                Evita Caune, floor refinishing

Pioneer Cleaning, cleaning and floors                        David Ryan

Delta Designs Ltd.                                                      Toscana Corporation

Our neighbors on Vestal Street and Milk Street who have been patient with noise and people crawling all over the place!

And if I am missing anyone, I do apologize!


Microscope station.