Oh, You “Adorable” Bunnies

One of the few Morning Glories they didn’t eat!

Adorable is NOT the word.  This spring and summer we have had a BUMPER crop of bunnies at 1 Vestal Street thanks to the increased volume of edibles from the winters we have had.  I am sure you have heard people complaining about mice, chipmunks (if you are off – we don’t have them here!), voles, and moles.

Bunnies, as I call them – though would rather use other words – have been a major nuisance.  They have gotten into my own fenced in back yard and wreaked havoc.  But typically, I don’t have to deal with them – or even deer – at Mitchell House.  This year is not the case.  They have decimated the plantings along the Mitchell House.  They obviously didn’t get the memo that they are NOT supposed to like snapdragons – stripped!  My nasturtiums – on their way out.  My morning glories (all 500 heirloom seeds) – I’ve got three plants at the moment.  My hollyhocks – destroyed!  My little dianthus are just that – tiny little anthills.  And now, the phlox are falling.  Quite frankly, I’m not so sure I am so fond of my little bunny friends.  They eat about 500 times their own weight in a night and I swear that by the end of the week they are twice as big!

In any case, I had even higher hopes for the Mitchell House garden this year than I did last year.  Now I’m afraid I will have a bumper crop of adult bunnies next year – with even more babies.  Dare I plant my tulips again?