Natural Science Museum

An excellent activity for kids, adults, and everyone in between, the Maria Mitchell Natural Science Museum is a cross between a classic natural history museum, a zoo, and a science center.  It is a great place to learn about the plants, animals, and birds of Nantucket.   Visit us to learn how Nantucket came to be an island, explore hands on activities, and discover the six species of snakes that inhabit our island!

Exploring Life on Nantucket

Our job at the Science Museum is to document the species that live on Nantucket and provide opportunities for visitors to learn about them.  The Museum’s collections are an important resource for researchers and form the backbone of the public exhibits.  One exhibit shows a massive aggregation of rodent bones found in a very old barn owl box.

Gift Shop and Field Gear

The MMA gift shop sells binoculars and field guides

Binoculars and field guides are essential birding gear.

Visit the Museum gift shop to pick up educational toys and books as well as excellent binoculars, field guides, insect vials, and butterfly nets.  Come to us to outfit yourself for a summer outdoors!

Natural Science Museum Exhibits

Live Animal Room

carncrit-iconThe Natural Science Museum is home to snakes, frogs, turtles, and insects. These are the stars of our popular Carnivorous Critters and Meet the Animals programs. Some animals live with us year round and visit the schools in the winter. Other animals just spend the summer with us and are then released back into the wild each fall.

Bird Displays

exhibiticonWe have a collection of over 900 bird specimens representing most of the species seen on Nantucket. Some of these are on display in the Museum in seasonally changing exhibits that highlight interesting groups of birds or interesting behaviors.


Hands-on Activity Areas

museum---iconEach week our interns come up with new activities for visitors to try out and explore. Some of the standards include Ecosystem Jenga, bird gliders, coloring, and Nano technology activities. Come test your creativity!

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