Signs of Spring

Yes, we need some of those right now.

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic has all of us worried, on edge, and exhausted.  And then to add insult to injury, we here on Nantucket have been having a truly dreadful spring, weather-wise.  Very cold, days of rain and mist and fog and wind.  Now, this is common for Nantucket in spring – feels more like winter – but it keeps us from being able to walk, hang out in the yard, etc.  It probably is a blessing with social distancing – keeping us all indoors – but I need to dig in the earth!  Hear the birds!  Smell the spring air!

Mitchell House “Beauty of Spring” Tulip

Maria Mitchell was also a naturalist and her daily nature walks were a constant – I’ve noted them before.  She would note changes in her journals, talk about what she witnessed.  Even the simplest thing from a bloom to the color of a flower – she noted it.

Mitchell House “Beauty of Spring” tulip – the deer and the bunnies missed them!

So if you see any signs of spring like I found here, then why don’t you “Tweet” us back some signs of spring images?  I did see some goslings and was surprised but then realized it’s May!