Research Center Update: We Have Heat!

Returning original lath to bathroom wall.

And a lot more!

Once things were worked out concerning the HVAC system and the HVAC room, things have now started to really move in the Research Center.  The HVAC system has not been easy – trying to fit a system that is needed for our collections inside of an existing building and not causing harm to historic fabric has been working in pretzel fashion – and fabricating a system in a pretzel fashion – and we owe a lot to Kevin Wiggin and his team for that.  Thank you!

The carpenter, Matt Anderson, and his team came in to complete the furnace and basement doors and to get the accessible bathroom back up and ready.  We have reused all the historic fabric – from baseboards and trim boards – to widening the old bathroom door.  And, Matt was able to save the lath from the walls in the bathroom where new updated plumbing lines had to go in due to code.  He re-installed the lath and then Pen Austin and her team came in and replastered the walls with lime plaster – just as they were!  Now we await the rest of the bathroom, some more cabinetry related items, and painting, as well as cleaning and coating the floors.

Lime plaster being prepared.

We are getting close – stay tuned!