Research Center: Another Update


We have had a busy summer.  The HVAC system took longer than expected due to the nature of working within the            framework – literally – of a 1830s building with a 1933 addition.  Remember, the 1933 stucco Wing is bunker-like to say the least.  There is no space behind the walls for wiring or ductwork so everything is exposed.  Add to that, we are working with a historic building with historic fabric and we are trying to preserve it all.

So, a lot of electrical work was done to update the wiring and to electrify the HVAC system once that was installed.  The HVAC system requires three condenser units outside and a vent through the chimney so we have had lots of different parties on-site.  Now, we are working on putting the walls in for the accessible bathroom and walling in the furnace room and the staircase that serves the Wing side of the basement.

As always – there are many to thank which I have done several times before but I will send a big thank you to those who have been currently working – Island Gas; Kevin Wiggin HVAC, Inc.; Ellis and Schneider, Inc.; (electrical), Matt Anderson (carpenter); Greg Maskell Landscaping; and Wayne Morris (mason).