Barn Owls

See the October 2020 Barn Owl survey results here.

Barn Owls began breeding on Nantucket in 1968.  These birds do not like very cold weather and prior to 2002, the population was only about 15 to 20 pairs. During the severe winters of 2002 and 2003, however, the population crashed to a low of only one known owl in 2005. In 2006 we knew of one successful nest and the population has been increasing since then, helped perhaps by the construction of many nesting boxes.

How do we band Barn Owls?

To band Barn Owls, we use a ladder to access the elevated nesting boxes.  The adults typically fly away, though sometimes we are able to catch them and collect important measurement data.  There can be up to eight young owls in a box.  We check the boxes after the babies hatch, but before they can fly.  We measure the young and then loosely attach an aluminum band to their leg.  This lightweight band has a unique number and will be with the bird its entire life.




Nest boxes in the Barn Owl Nest Box Program.

Boxes in the Nest Box Program

We now have a new Nantucket Barn Owl Nest Box Program! If you have a box on your property, please consider joining the program so we can include your data in the population survey.  If you would like a barn owl box, contact us and we can help install one.



Here is recent video from inside a Nantucket barn owl box:


And here is video of parents feeding their nestlings over one night:




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