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History of publishing through the MMA

The first Maria Mitchell Association (MMA) publication was The Pleistocene Deposits of Sankaty Head in 1906.  Since then, publications have covered everything from species lists to history documents. Please cite these files appropriately.  Some documents here were not formally published anywhere but the authors have given permission to make them available.

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Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Cover page for Endangered Population of Red Squirrels
Goldstein, E.A., M.J. Merrick, and J.L. Koprowski. 2017. Functional semelparity drives population dynamics and endangers a peripheral population. Biological Conservation. 205: 52-59.



Cover page for the American Burying Beetle


Mckenna-Foster, A., L. Perrotti, J. Blyth, E. LoPresti, R.S. Kennedy. 2016. Measuring success of a reintroduced population of the American burying beetle (Nicrophorus americanus Olivier) to Nantucket Island, MA. Journal of Insect Conservation. 20: 895-904.

Cover page for Global Re-Introduction Perspectives 2011

Mckenna-Foster A and L. Perrotti. 2011. Re-introduction of the American burying beetle to Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, USA. Global Re-Introduction Perspectives: 2011 Ed. Pritpal S. Soorae. pp 1-4.

Natural History Publications

Cover page for Mammals of Nantucket


Andrews, J.C. and M.B. Epstein. 1980. Mammals of Nantucket County. Unpublished.


A preliminary list of the birds on Nantucket from 1928


Brooks, W.S. 1928. A preliminary list of the birds of Nantucket. The Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association. 23 pp.


Pleistocene Deposits Nantucket Cover


Cushman, J.A. 1906. The Pleistocene deposits of Sankaty Head. The Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association 1(1):1-21.


Insects of Nantucket Johnson 1930


Johnson, C.W. 1930. A list of the insect fauna of Nantucket, Massachusetts. The Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association 3(2): 1-174.




Rice, M.A. 1946. Trees and Shrubs of Nantucket. 2nd ed. The Maria Mitchell Association, 1967. 54 pp.


dragonfly and damslefly species list for Nantucket from 1918


Howe, R. H. 1918. The Dragon and Damsel-flies (Odonata) of Nantucket, Mass. Annual Report of the Maria Mitchel Association. May, 1918.


Publications about the Maria Mitchell Association


First half century of Maria Mitchell Association


Drake, T.E. 1968. The first half century of the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association. The Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association. 32 pp.


cover of the first annual report


Maria Mitchell Association. 1903. First Annual Report. 24 pp.



cover of the dedication of the fireproof wing publication


Maria Mitchell Association. 1908. Dedication of the Fire Proof Observatory. 12 pp




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