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Housed in the former schoolhouse of William Mitchell, the Maria Mitchell Association preserves artifacts relating to Maria Mitchell and the history of Nantucket in its Archives and Special Collections. You’ll find Maria Mitchell’s manuscripts, 19th century scientific books with handsome illustrations, contemporary scientific journals, the personal and professional papers of members of the Mitchell Family, and the records of the Maria Mitchell Association.

Currently, the Research Center is available by appointment only to researchers needing access to certain books and documents. The building is under conservation and access is strictly limited to the Archives and Special Collections.  To schedule an appointment, email Jascin Finger Curator at  Please allow for one month’s notice and we will work with you to find a time and date that is suitable for research.

Maria Mitchell Association Collections

  1. Maria Mitchell Papers (PDF)
  2. Mitchell Family Papers (PDF)
  3. Mitchell Memorabilia Microfilm (PDF)
  4. Maria Mitchell’s Personal Library (PDF)

For more information on access to these collections, email Jascin Finger, Curator at

Maria Mitchell’s Personal Library

Maria Mitchell Library

Maria Mitchell Library

This collection is held by the Maria Mitchell Association in the Archives and Special Collections. Most of the books owned by Maria Mitchell were left by her to her younger brother Henry Mitchell who then bequeathed them to the Maria Mitchell Association (MMA). This collection has been processed by volunteer and rare book cataloger Maris Humphries, under the direction of the Mitchell House, Archives, and Special Collections Curator, Jascin N. Leonardo Finger. The ability to process the catalog and place it on our website has been generously donated by the M. S. Worthington Foundation through a grant. The MMA is eternally grateful for this assistance.

The catalog of the books is extensive. We have only provided the author, title, and date here in order to provide a brief overview of the books in the collection. The listing is arranged alphabetically by author. In the near future, we hope to provide more details on the website, as well as a searchable catalog but currently we are limited. Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact the curator who can provide you with more information concerning the book(s) in the collection, including the Special Collection books which are not listed on this PDF and include books on Nantucket, astronomy, and the natural sciences which date from the seventeenth century through the early twentieth century.

Women of Science Symposium

“We are women studying together,” Maria Mitchell told her Vassar College students.  Maria Mitchell, America’s first woman astronomer, believed in learning by doing.

The Maria Mitchell Women in Science Symposium is designed to serve as a source of inspiration and support and to be a hands-on experience in which all attendees are actively participating and problem-solving.  Keynote speakers, panels, and salon-style gatherings offered a unique environment in which all voices could be heard and encouraged.  Participants connected with colleagues and mentors and devised strategies to encourage and keep girls in STEM and support women in STEM at the beginning, middle, and late career stages. 

Learn more about the 2018 Women in Science Symposium here

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