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There are many ways to help collect important information on Nantucket. As we start more projects on Nantucket, we will update this page.

Nantucket Green Crab Survey

Do you like catching crabs? Help the Maria Mitchell Association track the locations of the invasive European Green Crabs. You can collect crabs using a hand net, with bait and line, or while snorkeling! With this data, we will be able to see how green crabs move around the island and use our vulnerable eelgrass beds. After the survey, you can use the invasive crabs to make fertilizer, make delicious recipes, or use them as fishing bait! To learn more about green crabs, visit our green crab page!

Download the survey materials here!

Inquiries and datasheets can be sent to

Roadkill Surveys

How many animals are hit on Nantucket’s roads each year?  Are there stretches of road that have higher incidences of roadkill?  Answering these questions could have a major impact on Nantucket wildlife, especially turtles!

Collecting data is easy! Download this form and put it in your car.  Every time you notice a roadkilled animal, note the information and, when convenient, drop it off at the Maria Mitchell Association (4 Vestal St.).  You can also email sightings to Dr. Emily Goldstein Murphy.

In 2011 and 2012, we recorded 77 mortalities.  Many of these were rabbits (and we missed many, many more), but we also saw snakes, turtles, rats, deer and birds.  In 2013, we added an additional 35 records, including a red bat.

See an interactive map of Nantucket Roadkill

 Roadkill on Nantucket from2011 and 2012

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