MMWSS 2020 Headquarters

So, with our virtual online shortened version of the Maria Mitchell Women of Science Symposium this year, I was faced with a bit of a conundrum.  I thought it most appropriate to station myself in the Mitchell House.  Anywhere else, didn’t seem quite right to me.  But, the Mitchell House has no electricity and nowhere to sit or set up.  Plus, the further I get from the electricity and WiFi in my office, the harder it is – the WiFi does not work well and I need power!

This was my solution.  I was in the 1825 Kitchen.  I would have rather been in the Front Sitting Room, but I managed to have Maria’s Dolland telescope in the Kitchen and set myself up with my small scaffold that I use for doing some larger conservation projects in the House.  Worked pretty well – and while the chair looks like it is part of the collection – it is not.  This is what I have mentioned before – the only “sitable onable chair” (as I like to call it) in the entire House.  Used by volunteers, visitors who may need a break, and even myself when I have something I can work on in a chair with no electricity!

It worked pretty well.  And if you have not done so already, the recording of the MMWSS is available for you to watch here.