Eco-Investigators (Ages 10-12)

Full Day Programs (Monday - Friday, 8:50am - 3:00pm)

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Island Explorers Camp (Available to Year-Round Nantucket Residents Only)

Join us for a special week of camp for year-round residents of Nantucket.  You will explore coastal and upland habitats in search of critters, play games, listen to stories, make crafts, and so much more!

Note that there will NOT be an Island Explorers dedicated camp. Instead, we will allow year round residents to register for the scheduled EI class at this rate during those two weeks

YOU MUST HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE before you register for immediate savings. Email Molly at or call 508-228-9198 for assistance in registering at the discounted rate.  If you pay full price without the code, you will be responsible for transaction fees associated with your reimbursement.

June 21-25 (Cosmic & Climate Connections)

June 28 - July 2 (Imitate to Innovate)

Members: $195
Non-members: $270

Medical Form Required

Cosmic & Climate Connections

In celebration of Maria Mitchell’s legacy, we will investigate Earth, Ocean, Space, and how they are connected through climate science. Explore how changes in our climate will impact plant and animal populations, food sources, and our coast line through games, hands-on experiments, animal collection, and adventures into the island’s unique and rare ecosystems.  During a trip to of one of MMA’s observatories, you will learn how NASA’s observations from space have helped scientists understand how the earth’s climate has changed and how they observe weather on other planets. Each session will have a unique theme that will be determined by the summer instructors. This program promises to be out of this world!

June 21-25
July 26-30

Members: $505
Non-members: $580

Medical Form Required

Green Guardians

Do you have what it takes to be a Green Guardian of Nantucket? Explore this beautiful island as you investigate what it takes to protect our environment. Join us in a variety of service projects such as beach clean-ups, working in the MMA’s Giving Garden, removing invasive plants for the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, or making pet toys for Safe Harbor for Animals. At the end of camp, you will receive a certificate of completion for the hours of service you provided. Other activities include kayaking, hiking, seining, and more! Each session will have a unique theme that will be determined by the summer instructors.

July 5-9
August 16-20

Note price difference
Members: $490
Non-members: $565

Medical Form Required

Imitate to Innovate

Nature and invention collide during this biomimicry-based week! Discover how plant and animal adaptations have inspired the design of swimsuits, wind turbines, planes, trains, and so much more. Seek inspiration for your own inventions as you explore Nantucket’s land, sea, and skies while kayaking along the coast, collecting and observing marine life, hiking through the forest, or meeting a red-tailed hawk! Combine your creativity and engineering skills as we build robots, conduct experiments, and design solutions to common problems. Each session will have a unique theme that will be determined by the summer instructors.

June 28 - July 2
July 26-30

Members: $505
Non-members: $580

Medical Form Required

Marine Bio Boot Camp (NEW!)

Have you ever wanted to be a marine biologist? Join us as we learn about our oceans from the plankton to the sharks and everything in between!  Come and study invertebrate and fish anatomy through dissections, firsthand observations, and a visit to our aquarium. We’ll also snorkel at different spots around the island to find local marine species, embark on a kayak expedition to learn about physical oceanography, and, for the first time in MMA history, explore the oceans through swimming (at North Shore beaches only).

Please note: Participants must demonstrate strong swimming ability to participate in swimming and snorkeling activities or they will be required to wear a life jacket.

August 2-6

Members: $505
Non-members: $580

Medical Form Required

Psyched for Citizen Science

Experience how you can be a part of the scientific community here on Nantucket or across the country by becoming a citizen scientist for the week.  Learn about local and national citizen science projects you can join and develop the skills you need to monitor such animals as snakes, bats, beetles, frogs and more. Try out traditional and digital tools to measure water quality, map invasive species, and learn how to create your own online data form you can share with others in your community. Each session will have a unique theme that will be determined by the summer instructors.

August 9-13

Members: $505
Non-members: $580

Medical Form Required

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