Almost There! Research Center Update


The door needed to be made wider for accessibility so we re-used its historic parts to do so.

The heat is on.  The plaster walls are complete in the accessible bathroom, the new wall is complete in the accessible bathroom, the remainder of the outlets and lights are complete, emergency lights have been replaced, exit signs installed, and we have one-coat of epoxy on the basement floors where the collections will be stored (note – its currently shinier than star covered patent leather clogs!).  Several styles of chairs have made a pass through the building and been sat upon by several for comfort testing and height requirements.  Alarm company has completed its install.  Microscope chairs are ordered and the knobs are on the cabinets!  And the state-of-the-art collections cabinets have been fabricated and patiently wait on the other side of the Sound for a call to bring them over.

First coat of epoxy.

Now, we await the bathroom’s plumbing and lab sink with its accessible eyewash.  Then a few more items that require plumbing for the HVAC completion, a structural engineer’s inspection, and environmental engineer’s inspection and THEN, we can apply for our final inspection!  It’s been a long-haul but nothing comes easy when you are trying to work with a historic building and respect its historic fabric and work with its wonderful idiosyncrasies!

All that said, I will not exhale until the dotted line has been signed on.   Maybe then I will finally sleep at night!

Stay tuned!