Maria Mitchell Crater

Among more than 1,000 lunar craters named after distinguished individuals, an inseparable pair of craters at the northern end of the Caucasus mountain ridge, is special to Nantucketers. The biggest crater in the pair is named after the most famous Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle, and the smaller — after the first American woman astronomer, Nantucketer Maria Mitchell. Maria dedicated her life to the study of the Sky, and the Sky keeps forever the memory of this outstanding human, scientist and teacher in a trio of the comet discovered by her (Comet Mitchell, 1847 T1), the asteroid #1455, Mitchella, named after her, and the little (size of Nantucket!) lunar crater Mitchell. This picture of the first-quarter Moon, with the Aristotle-Mitchell crater pair, was taken by Peter Armstrong with the 24-inch telescope of the Maria Mitchell Observatory.