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Birds North America

While the cover of this booklet is not in wonderful shape – note the very old tape “repairs” and the further damage they have created – it is still a wonderful part of the collection with fantastic hand colored plates. It is the Birds of North America, Part 12 by Theodore Jasper, A.M., M.D. I will not go into detail – just look at the few plates I have included. They are wonderful. You don’t find this anymore.


Bird Plates

Bird Plates 2

Birds of North America

While cleaning the Special Collections (yes, the task is completed!! but I have a trove of photographs for you), I came across this piece – two pieces actually. A series that was sold by subscription but I believe was later made into a book − The Birds of North America Mute Swan, Birds of Theodore Jasper, A.M., M.D. with the most phenomenal plates. The covers are in rough shape – but have since been properly contained to preserve them. I include a few images Bald Eagle from Birds of

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