I waited all summer and then, maybe a month ago what you see here appeared!  The long-awaited burst of red flowers covering the pineapple sag that I planted in May.  It started as a tiny plant in a four-inch pot.  I may have even bought it from Kmart on the Cape.  But in any case, it’s absolutely lovely.  I’ve had them flower earlier – and I’d just about given up on this one but then – ta-dah!

It does not seem to have a pineapple scent – though my Mother keeps telling me it should.  Perhaps it was damaged when the bunnies first ravaged in in June – I thought it would not grow but it’s about 3-4 feet tall and almost as wide – the image doesn’t do it justice.  I’m hoping it will make it through a bit longer.  I plant it in large part because William Mitchell’s – Maria Mitchell’s father – favorite color was red and how can you go wrong with this plant?

I did plant some Cardinal Flower too – I had to put plastic pots on the bottoms because the bunnies got to those too – and then started to stand on their hind legs when they were thwarted by the pots!  Next year – I’m doing some metal fencing. Ehhem, my bunny friends.


P.S. It did get clobbered by the snow and freeze on November 12th but I did enjoy it while it lasted!  Sorry, its not a very good image.