Know Where This Is?

I do not know enough about this building and its use over time.  I know how it has been used to some extent but when I saw the back it made me wonder.  There are not many places on Nantucket that have burglar bars on the windows.  I can remember when it was the Nantucket Sports Locker and Buttner’s (boy, I miss those places) but as old as I may sound sometimes, I’m not that old.  And of course, it’s the Masonic Lodge on the top floor.


But why the burglar bars?  I’m hoping someone has this information at the ready and can share it.  Was there a bank located inside or some other business in need of high security?  The bars look old – maybe hand-forged – by I cannot trespass so I cannot get close enough to take a look.  It is post- Great Fire obviously but, I’d like to know.  So let me know – or else I’ll have to go dig a bit!