Vestal Street Update

Toscana begins sewer line replacement.

Toscana Corp is back on Vestal Street!  This time, it’s one of the Hinchman House sewer lines that needs replacing.  It’s the old one I mentioned quite a few posts ago –  January 9, 2017 to be exact.  It’s the line that connects to the basement where there was once a toilet but now we connect to a lab sink – and the third floor where the MMA interns live in the summer, as well as off-season visiting groups like Worcester Polytechnic Institute among others.  So, the replacement is desperately in need!  A matching grant is making the work possible.  Yes, you can find grant money that can be used for a sewer line!

And, work to the Research Center continues.  The Wing has been painted inside and the sashes in the Main Room, as well as the first coat on the walls in the Main Room.  The HVAC installer is working away and the cabinetmaker has completed the microscope station top and is installing its wooden braces, as well as the braces for the other lab tops.  Once the HVAC is completed, the carpenter can begin the process of framing up the bathroom and the furnace room and then we will be bringing in the floor finisher for the basement.  The light is getting bigger at the end of the tunnel!

Labsink area with temporary support.