A Star of One’s Own for Maria Mitchell and her Father, William Mitchell

Maria and Father

Standing under the canopy of the stars you can scarcely do a petty deed or think a wicked thought. — Maria Mitchell

One of Nantucket’s most famous Daring Daughters – and her astronomer and teacher father as well – could get a star (MariaMitchell) and a planet (WilliamMitchell) named after them with your help! Now, how exciting would that be for Nantucket!

The International Astronomical Union (IAU), the largest organization of professional astronomers in the world, is sponsoring a contest to rename twenty stars and their associated planets. The IAU is the official naming organization for astronomical bodies, and the public gets to vote on the names. A star currently known as Andromedae 14 could be renamed “MariaMitchell” and its accompanying planet named “WilliamMitchell” should we get enough votes!

Voting began online the week of August 10, 2015 and will continue until October 31st. PLEASE encourage everyone you know – from Nantucket and beyond – to vote in support of renaming the Andromedae 14 system as “MariaMitchell” and “WilliamMitchell.”

Here’s a link where you can vote to rename Andromedae 14 in honor of Maria and William Mitchell: http://nameexoworlds.iau.org/systems/110

There is still time so vote! This would be an incredible honor for these two remarkable astronomers – and Nantucket’s own!