Hoop Rolling

Know what this is?  (Apologies, the image isn’t too good.  You can see that I’m trying to root Peleg Mitchell’s grapevine shoots again this winter.)  It’s a good old-fashioned hoop that is awaiting its playtime this summer.

Hoop rolling or hoop trundling were popular from very early on and well into the twentieth century.  By early on I mean Ancient Greece even.  It’s on ancient pottery and was not limited to children!  Native Americans, ancient Rome, 16th century England – it’s been known by different names, taken various formats, played by various ages, and played through various ages.  In the nineteenth century, both boys and girls did hoop rolling – and it was likely seen as a more “ladylike” active game that girls could play.  I’m assuming that is likely the reason why several women’s colleges still have I tradition of rolling hoops.

We will be using these this summer with our all new week-long Mitchell House children’s program.  Don’t be too surprised if you see me out on the lawn on Vestal Street practicing on warm days this winter and spring!  Got get up to speed!