Fall Comes to Vestal Street

Or so I thought.

Some parts of the island had a pretty decent frost the other night (I write this on the 1st of November 2018) but Town did not.  But still, it was time to cut back the Mitchell House’s garden that was devastated by bunnies this year.  We had a bumper crop of baby bunnies though I think a few of them have been, well, eaten, by birds of prey and perhaps a cat or two, sadly.

Watching the forecast, I knew it would be a least partly sunny today but I didn’t know it would be over 60F degrees!  I was sweating!  But I diligently cut back plants, weeded to some degree –  they’ll all grow back before I make my springtime garden wake-up! – and planted some tulip bulbs.  I am using a few Viricic and Beauty of Spring again.  We’ll see if the bunnies or the late cold get to them again – or any thieves.

Then, I attempted to unearth the soldier course of bricks that act as the edge of the Mitchell House garden.  The dirt has spilled and flowed over it for the last, oh many moons, and the plants have grown into that dirt.  I have tried on occasion to unearth it but this time I really dug.  Except for a few spots, I think I did it.  We shall see what happens by spring!