Accolades For What Miss Mitchell Saw

If you have not yet read it, take a look at What Miss Mitchell Saw – a picture book about Maria Mitchell that was released this past fall.  Hayley Barrett, the author and a big Maria fan, took a great deal of time, research, thought, and questions to make this book as wonderful and informative as it is.

And that’s not just my opinion.  Hayley has been receiving many accolades and the book has been nominated and listed for several awards – along with her illustrator of the book.

Take a look at this:

It is a Must-Read title by the Massachusetts Center For The Book;

It is long-listed for a MA Book Award;

It is one of five New England regional contenders for the Crystal Kite, the annual award given by the Society of Children’s Authors and Illustrators.

And, there was a lovely review in the Friends Journal:

Congratulations, Hayley, and thank you for making Maria accessible to more people – young and old!


What Miss Mitchell Saw

At the close of the Maria Mitchell Women in Science Symposium, I found a surprise left for me.  It was the item you see in this image.  It shows what is supposed to be the night sky on the eve of Maria Mitchell’s discovery of her telescopic comet on October 1, 1847.  It was given to me by someone who I have to come to know over the years for her love of Maria Mitchell and her work to complete a picture book about Maria – What Miss Mitchell Saw – to be published in Spring 2019.  I am VERY excited about the book – the author has included so much about Maria and Nantucket – including Nantucket’s amazing female population! – and I thank her for it.

I have provided a link below to Hayley Barrett’s website – the author.  If you go to the illustrator’s website – the link is provided on Hayley’s website – you will find her Instagram account and some images that will be included in the book!  It is very exciting.

Thank you so much, Hayley!