Celestial Masks


If only this was for a costume!

One of my wonderful former interns – a young woman who actually came back this past fall to help me out on some projects at the Mitchell House – emailed to ask if my family needed any masks.  Her mother, with this young woman’s assistance, has been making masks for people at her place of work.  I enthusiastically said, “Yes!” and asked if one  of them could be made a bit smaller for my son.

Sure enough – they arrived and there was one just right for a six-year-old!  And, leave it to the very creative woman who made them – she made them all in celestial motifs!  My son’s has planets on one side and stars on the other.  Mine has different star patterns on each side, and my husband’s has stars on one and plaid on the other!  Amazing!

Now, how do you properly thank someone for providing such a thing?  Many thanks – to the moon and back!  Be safe and be well.