Lesson Plans

Several lesson plans are available for a variety of ages.  Where appropriate, it has been noted which of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks the lessons meet.

  1. The Past and Present of Women in Science
    An Examination of Women in Science from the nineteenth Century to the twenty-first
    Grades: 8-9 (potentially for high honors grade 7) Women’s Rights Lesson Plan The Need of Women in Science (1)
  2. Mapping Lesson Plan
    Mapping of Maria Mitchell’s Journeys
    Grades: 6-7  Mapping Lesson Plan      Maria Mitchell Journal Entries Mapping Lesson Plan
  3. Exploring the Skies with the Mitchell Sisters
    Learning about Solar and Lunar eclipses and the lives of Maria and Phebe Mitchell!
    Grades: 1-3  Eclipse Lesson Plan   Solar Eclipse Lesson Plan Images   Maria Mitchell journals

Created by Megan (Meg) Bellavance, Mitchell House Curatorial Intern, Summer 2019.