Shelley Dresser

Director of Natural Science and Engagement

Phone: 508-228-9198


Before coming to the Maria Mitchell Association as the Associate Director of Development and Special Projects, Shelley taught Science, Math, and Sustainability at the prestigious Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, MA. As the sustainability coordinator, she helped students become mindful of how they use resources and become more knowledgeable about the environment in an effort to connect students to the natural world and encourage a life-long desire to be stewards of the environment so that the open space and a biologically diversity environment will be available for future generations.

With a B.A. in Psychology from Queens College, a Masters of Forest Science from Yale University, and a Masters of Education from Smith College, Shelley has a deep passion for education and the environment.

Prior to becoming a teacher, Dresser worked at the Council of State Governments as the Director of Environment and Energy Policy and started the Northeast Recycling Council, helping to spearhead recycling efforts by building markets for recycled material. She incorporated her knowledge and passion for the environment when she began her career as a classroom teacher, first at Full Circle School, a one room schoolhouse and then as a middle school science and math teacher at Eaglebrook School. Dresser fostered the sustainability program at Eaglebrook, incorporating her intense love of gardening into the program. The sustainability committee participated in a range of student selected projects including windmill design, videography, dorm electricity conservation challenges, tree labeling, and recycling waste analysis. Most recently, Dresser managed “Global Day,” incorporating art with natural materials, white water rafting, and visits to local sustainable businesses.

Dresser recently moved to Nantucket from Brattleboro, VT. In her spare time, she loves to bike, walk, cross country ski, and garden. On the rare occasion that she is sitting she enjoys doing puzzles, playing board games, knitting, and doing various art projects. She has three wonderful children, three dogs and a rabbit.