Jay Chittidi

Jay ChittidiJay Chittidi, MMO Research Fellow


Jay first joined the Maria Mitchell Association in the summer of 2018 as a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) intern, where he worked with Dr. Philip Muirhead of Boston University to update the catalog of stars that TESS, NASA’s latest exoplanet-hunting satellite, uses to observe. At the time, he was an undergraduate at Vassar College and subsequently earned a B.A. in Astronomy there in 2019. Both at the Maria Mitchell Association and Vassar College, Jay was inspired to pursue research by his peers and mentors, but hoped to gain more experiences before applying to graduate programs in astronomy.

Inaugural MMO Research Fellow

He was given such an opportunity in the Fall of 2019, when he returned to the Maria Mitchell Association as a Research Fellow for a year-long position to study the host galaxies of new phenomena known as fast radio bursts, thanks to an NSF grant obtained by Dr. Regina Jorgenson. In addition to his research, Jay has worked to prepare the 24-inch telescope at Loines Observatory to help follow-up candidate exoplanets, and also will be co-advising an NSF-REU intern in the summer of 2020. Jay will be pursuing a PhD. in Astronomy at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the Fall of 2020, hoping to study exoplanets or galaxies.