Jason Bridges

Interim Executive Director

Email: jbridges@mariamitchell.org
Phone: 508-228-9198


Jason first set foot on Nantucket in 1997 and immediately developed a deep connection to the island.  Born and raised in Indiana, Jason moved here in the spring of 1999.  Growing up in his father’s restaurant in the Midwest, he learned the value of hard work which​ laid the foundation for a passion in service.  

In 2011, Jason and his wife Courtney Bridges started their first business, Nantucket Bike Tours.  Four years later, they opened their second business in the downtown area, a community-based coffee shop called Handlebar Cafe.  To further serve his community, Jason ran for public office in 2017 and was elected to the Select Board for a three-year term.  In June of this year, Jason was re-elected for a second term.

Interests and Accomplishments

Jason is dedicated to helping people connect to each other through effective and authentic relationship building.  He has hosted students from his alma mater to provide first-hand experience on how to run a small business and to help them improve their life skills.  Over ten years, twenty students have come through this “Emotional Intelligence boot camp” experience which has helped shorten their learning curve with the needed leadership skills that are not taught in schools.  This same program and approach have been applied to his coffee shop.

Community Service

Jason has donated his time to island organizations as a volunteer and board member with groups such as A Safe Place, the New School, the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce, and NCTV18.  A strong supporter of The Clean Team, Jason has hosted the downtown volunteer clean-up at his coffee shop each Saturday for many years.  Along with other community members, Jason co-founded and operated the Nantucket chapter of Toastmasters for multiple years.