Architectural Preservation Award

Mitchell House and Maria Mitchell Observatory, ca. 1910

Mitchell House (b. 1790) and Maria Mitchell Observatory (b. 1908), ca. 1910

On the evening of June 28, 2012, the Mitchell House and the Maria Mitchell Association received Nantucket Preservation Trust’s Architectural Preservation Award!

The Architectural Preservation Award recognizes the owner(s) of an historic structure, and when appropriate one or more members of building professionals who assisted in the completion of the preservation project. Structures may contain additions that are compatible with the historic sections and include exterior and interior work. In order to qualify for the award, preservation of those portions or features that convey the property’s historical, cultural, or architectural values is required.

There have been many, many craftspeople and conservators from both on and off the island that have helped to preserve and conserve the historic integrity of the Mitchell House. We are also grateful to the Community Preservation Act and its Committee for its monetary support of our work, as well as private donors who have given to help in our efforts.

If you are not familiar with the Nantucket Preservation Trust (NPT), have a look at their wonderful website at

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