NanoDays® Coming to Nantucket

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Mark your calendars! The kick-off event will be held at the Nantucket Cottage Hospital on

March 29th 10am – 3pm
March 30th 12pm – 3pm

Come to the Founder’s Building (in the back near the helicopter pad). This event is FREE for everyone.

Did you know you use nanotechnology every day????

Nanotechnology is in your cell phone, computer, cosmetics, sunscreen, food, and even baby diapers!

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. That is super tiny! DNA is about 2 nanometers wide and a sheet of paper is 100,000 nanometers thick. A nanoyear is the time it takes to blink an eye.

Nanotechnology is anything that was engineered using tiny molecules and it is increasingly becoming a major part of our lives.

Each spring, science museums across the country host free events for visitors to learn about nano things in a program called NanoDays. For the third year in a row, NanoDays will be on Nantucket! In partnership with the Nantucket Cottage Hospital, the MMA has won a special NanoDays exhibit for the event this year. The exhibit contains activities, demonstrations, and digital media to help people learn about nano things and how nanotechnology is part of our everyday lives.

During the following week, we will be visiting school classrooms and doing demonstrations outside of the Stop and Shop on Sparks Avenue.

2014 is your chance to become nanoliterate!

Families participating in NanoDays activities

Nanodays is funded by the National Science Foundation through NISEnet.