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Discovery & Naturalist Leadership Program Scholarship

Thanks to a generous grant offered by EGCF, a nonprofit foundation, the Maria Mitchell Association is offering up to 12 scholarships for eligible Nantucket residents and visitors. The grant reduces the cost of the program by 80% with the purchase of a discounted Family Membership for $25.00. Participants in the Discovery and Naturalist Leadership Programs are eligible for this grant.

To qualify, your family must make 75% or lower of the MA State Median Income for your family size. Maximum income to qualify is:
Family Size                  Annual Income        Monthly Income
2                                     $52,415                       $2,912
3                                     $64,747                       $5,396
4                                     $77,080                       $6,423
5                                     $89,413                       $7,451
6                                     $101,745                     $8,479

How to Apply:

1. Download Application and mail, fax, or email all documentation to:
Kim Botelho
Director of Education
4 Vestal St.
Nantucket, MA 02554
Fax: 508-228-1031

2. Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis
3. You will be notified immediately if you do not meet our qualifications so you can register for camp at your own convenience
4. We will begin filling scholarship spaces at the end of April
5. Once you hear back from us with your camp week options, you will then be asked to fill out camp registration materials and purchase your $25 Family membership. If you already purchased a family membership, you will receive 80% off the membership price instead of 80% off the full price. You can not purchase this membership online.  Simply call 508-228-9198 and we will help.

Scholarship Application


Nantucket Island Family Discount

All Nantucket year-round residents are eligible for the Nantucket Family Discount which provides a 50% discount on TWO Discovery and/or Naturalist Leadership Programs per family with the purchase of a family membership for $75.00.  After you purchase your membership, please call Kim at 508.228.9198 or email to receive the necessary discount code for registration.

Island Explorers Camp for Nantucket Residents

During the first two weeks of camp (June 15-19 and 22-26) we offer reduced priced camps for year-round residents ($100 or $150 depending on the session you pick). These camps are are listed in the top of each section on the Wee Explorers (5-6 years), Habitat Hoppers (7-9 years), and Eco-Investigators (10-12 years) pages.  You do not require a code to register for these classes but, you must be able to show proof of your year round residency.

Check the calendar for upcoming programming.